Border is unnecessary to environment!
Need with resources as half!
By Sustainable material which is common throughout the world!
Environmental asphalt relieves the earth!

The oil did great contribution for the development of industry. The crude oil drying up realizes it, and an oil remarkable rise hits it directly in a kitchen. There is a viewpoint that a crude oil price becomes 100 dollars. One drop of oil is called one drop of blood. It is limited, convenient resources, but hurts environment when we burn it in large quantities. The energy struggle intensifies in each area. Prominent diplomatic effort is necessary. Resources are poor, but on the other hand Japan has splendid environmental technology. I show this prominent energy saving / resource saving / low pollution technology gratis and have to promote the high use of resources. The earth screams. "too hot"
1billion people have used 70% of all oil . On the other hand, Forced to life without electricity 2billion people. With much energy, I was able to learn energy saving / environment / recycling technology. There is not a border in environment. It is necessary for 6billion people to cool the earth in solidarity. As for it immediately.
yGreen Challenge z

The greatest optimization of energy is liquid.

I realized the challenge that 50% reduced CO2 by 2050 in G8 summit in Germany in June, 2007. I share it at time and expect that volume of production of fossil energy is reduced to half with C.J.Cambell:The End of Cheap Oil, Scientific American,March 1998.

Natural Gas that the hydrogen ratio is high.  There are a crude oil associated gas, coal gas. Surface soil is an exposure, methane outbreak from peat by rain forest development. Frozen ground is cleared by warming, and there is mass methane outbreak from the surface of the earth. I use the gas that the hydrogen ratio is high to do coal and crude oil of bad quality and residual substance oil to liquid.

I use a by-product with liquid highly. Liquid of crude oil residual substance oil shows a process.

Not burn asphalt of 30% that treated hydrogen and use it as raw materials. Low sulfur asphalt uses it as environmental asphalt. Point 1F Low sulfur. Unscented. Security. @Long life. Molecular structure. Non-Radical. Point 2F Liquid and solid. @Resin and solvent. Plasticizer and polymer. Point 3F Cheapness and large quantities. AThe restoration of youth of resources. Continuance raw materials. BResin substitute expander.

@A longevity life & plasticizer and a polymerF @ Kerosene 1,100kkl are used for heating to make an asphalt road By environmental asphalt, an oil saving of 14% and a tarmacadam of longevity life of 2 times are made. I can appropriate expense to affect CO2 reduction and a road of 410kton to a reduction by half, a by just that much environmental healthy increase plan.

AThe restoration of youth of resourcesF 17mton a year construction scrap wood comes out in Japan. An inorganic board (including an asbestos board) quality of wood board is stained, but a function is not lost. I reinforce it by environmental asphalt and let you become younger. I let you compete with a board of a different kind and use it as earthquake proofing / waterproofing / insecticide building materials.

50% reduce volume of import of resources and use resources of the 20th century.

BA resin substitute expanderF Gasoline of 3,500kkl is necessary to make building materials glue of 700kton. It can save gasoline of 350kkl if I can replace it with environmental asphalt at 10%.

As the environmental material which is common throughout the world where there is not a border in environment.

It is necessary to make continuance type society with resources of 50% so that 50% reduce CO2 by 2050. @Asphalt is left everywhere historically. In an environmental century, I expect the altitude use of asphalt = unscented security / longevity life / world raw materials / cheapness large quantities asphalt = environment asphalt of low sulfur.


Evergreen Research co,.
Establish Feb 1, 2005
Representative Osamu Ogata